About the Council

The New Jersey Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools (NJCCVTS) is a non-profit association, created by state law, which represents the vocational-technical school districts in New Jersey’s 21 counties.

Membership includes the superintendents of the 21 county vocational-school districts.  The Council is governed by officers and an executive committee, who are elected for two-year terms by the members.

NJCCVTS has no role in the operation of the individual school districts.   Each district is governed and operated independently by a Board of Education appointed by the Board of Freeholders in the county in which it is located.

The Council represents the views of county vocational-technical schools before state and federal policy makers, the business community and other education leaders.  The Council promotes career and technical education and seeks to expand opportunities for students to pursue career-focused education.

NJCCVTS provides coordination among the state’s 21 county vocational-technical school districts, and promotes best practices and organizes professional development meetings for school leaders.

NJCCVTS Leadership (2017-2019)

  • President: Scott Moffitt, Superintendent, Morris County Vocational School District
  • Vice-President: Dr. Chrys Harttraft, Superintendent, Somerset County Vocational & Technical Schools
  • Treasurer: Dr. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent, Burlington County Institute of Technology
  • President-Elect: Michael Dicken, Superintendent, Gloucester County Institute of Technology
  • Secretary: John R. Swain, Superintendent, Salem County Vocational Technical School District

Additional members of the Executive Committee:

  • Patricia Fitzgerald, Superintendent, Camden County Technical Schools (At-Large)
  • Timothy McCorkell, Superintendent, Monmouth County Vocational School District, past president
  • Dr. Howard Lerner, Superintendent, Bergen County Technical Schools, past president
  • Diana Lobosco, Superintendent, Passaic County Technical Institute, past president
  • Dr. Kimberly Metz, Superintendent, Hunterdon County Vocational School District (At-Large)
  • Dr. Philip Guenther, Superintendent, Atlantic County Institute of Technology, past president
  • Frank Gargiulo, Superintendent, Hudson County Schools of Technology, past president

Council Staff

  • Judy Savage, Executive Director
  • Jackie Burke, Assistant Executive Director
  • Kathryn Forsyth, Communications Director