Business and Finance

Alison – Website offering free, certified learning and in-depth content resources for economics fundamentals like supply and demand, behavioral finance, GDP and inflation, monopolies and more.

Council for Economic Education – Provides standards-based educational resources including lesson plans, videos and activities that are appropriate for both high-school age students as well as adult learners. Topics include economics for entrepreneurship, financial fitness and better money habits.

Federal Reserve – The Fed is the central banking system of the United States but also seeks to provide educational information to the public and businesses about economics and finance. Its “Classroom Economist” is an online multi-media teaching package all about core economic concepts.

McRel – Offers lesson plans and learning activities on economics, including budgeting, debts, interest rates, markets, the role of government, supply and demand, scarcity, unemployment and much more.

Money Instructor – Website includes printable lesson plans, worksheets and activities, as well as related articles and tools.

EconEdLink – Offers seven different detailed lesson plans about entrepreneurship, offering an instructor version, a student version and a projector version for maximum learning.

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education – Includes links to other valuable teaching tools, lesson plans and resources about entrepreneurship, introducing topics such as franchising, promotion and market research in fun, engaging ways.

Applied Educational System – Offers best practices, tips and recommendations for lesson plans about entrepreneurship, drawing on real-world experience as the basis for lessons.

Chart Your Course – Provides management and leadership training programs and resources that can be delivered online or in a classroom setting. More than 600 course options and related resources are available to help leaders build, develop and grow exceptional teams.

Virtual Business Management – Offers lesson plans on everything from supervising employees to risk management and insurance for business managers. Other tools provided include reading assignments and quizzes.

Finance in the Classroom – Website offering printable lesson plans, games and activities for young children, high schoolers and adults covering a wide array of financial topics such as budgeting, financial goals and behavior, identity theft and more.

Pathway to Financial Success – Resource offering engaging, ready-to-use lesson plans, including handouts, homework assignments, in-class activities, worksheets and links to videos and games online. – Engage your students with interesting lesson plans on fashion design using this helpful chapter as your guide. Here you’ll find resources you can use to create new curriculum, refresh your existing lesson plans or create activities and games that bring these concepts to life.

Utah Education Network – Lesson plans, activities and resources

Family Consumer Sciences – Advertising Projects

Family Consumer Sciences – Draping Projects

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