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Building To Teach is set up by a Carpenters’ Union curriculum developer and instructor. Training accounts are free. Just apply to “get trained,”  fill out the form, and put “Career Connections” in the field for “populations served.” This will get you access to Math For the Trades Worksheets, Job Sheets and Practice Sheets that you can download and assign to your students. There are also videos for instructors.   (from Tom Sommers, Northeast Carpenters Union)

Combining the Worksheets, Job Sheets and Practice Sheets from Math for the Trades with the appropriate videos and assessments from Khan Academy make a powerful distance learning tool.

Building to Teach hands-on math books are now free downloads. The Framing Square Math book and Bevin’s Guide to Boat Building Math are particularly useful. Using the books, students can make their own framing square and build their own paper model boat to do most of the exercises contained in the books.

On the Building to Teach site, The Magic Circle exercise can make drafting tools out of cardstock to use with the Building to Teach “Layout” exercises. project gallery – upload images from project to share or view the gallery and get inspired by the work. (Karen Kowalski, Union County) – Teach students how to weld by watching the videos.

Careers Safe – Provides OSHA10 training (paid) Provides Employability skills (free)”


HVAC School – Videos, posts and quizzes