CK12 – Single lessons to entire courses, CK-12 has it all. Many of the lessons are connected to the Common Core standards as well.

Discovery Education – Offers a wide-range of new and interesting pre-made lesson plans for you to use. Be sure to check back as new materials are updated. To quick access to materials for the level you are teaching, simply click on K–5, 6–8, or 9–12

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – NCTM believes math lessons should be more than just “drill and kill!” They’ve put together an excellent compilation of lesson plans and activities. These are free and geared towards many different levels. Be sure to click on your grade level to maximize your search results.

Mathalicious – Who says math can’t be fun? With Mathalicious, spicing up middle school and high school math lessons just got a whole lot easier. These amazing collections of lessons will not only get your students thinking and problem solving, but they will have fun while doing it! The lessons are typically geared towards using math in real-life applications, which really helps students see the importance of learning and understating math.

Shodor – A great resource for students to see math in action. This interactive website has already designed a plethora of fantastic math activities to help students see math at work. The geometry and probability sections are especially helpful!

SoftSchools has it all, from counting to AP statistics. There are tons of games, worksheets and even online quizzes to help students stay engaged in math.

The US Department of Education has put together many activities to help build mathematics into everyday life. Helping students and families see the importance of math and how it can be used everywhere is an important step in getting everyone on board for learning! These activities also make math seem fun and interesting when done together as a family.

The New York City Department of Education also has an extensive library of materials to help you work with the Common Core standards. The information is separated according to grade level: elementary, middle school and high school. Click on a grade level and you’ll be taken to a new page filled with links to helpful materials.

The Teaching Channel offers a huge selection of videos for teachers. You can see classrooms in action or listen to experts discuss important educational ideas.

Achieve The Core – This non-profit organization has tasks, assessments, lessons and more to help your students achieve success.

Great – Tips to help parents know where to start when trying to work through a difficult homework assignment

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides standards based resources.