World Languages

Playposit allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions ranging from multiple choice questions to graded fill-in-the blanks. This site also allows you to monitor student progress as well.

Sporcle – An online quiz platform. You can access and create a variety of quizzes. Students frequently enjoy this site and respond well to its use.

Screencast-O-Matic – Record Your On-Screen Activities for Visual Presentations, Tutorials & More! Advanced Editing Tools. Import/export scripts. Import/export videos. Buy at $1.50/mo. Join millions of users. Animate text & images. Add text & images. Publish to Youtube.

Quizlet – From flashcards to help you learn francais, to games that make it easy to get a handle on history, use a variety of tools to conquer any challenge. You can type in your textbook and chapter and find pre-made games.

Vocaroo – An online voice recorder. Have to make sure the students identify who they are!

Duolingo is a great tool for students and educators to get the most out of their time together in the classroom. It is Duolingo adapted for groups of students and their educators. Whether as an extra credit homework assignment, an in-class exercise, or as a way for students to stay language fit over the summer, instructors are finding many uses for the exciting new (and free!) Duolingo for Schools. You can access or create your Duolingo for Schools account at – Engage with screencasting whiteboard videos.

Screencastify – Record everything to create explanations, media-rich presentations, provide feedback, follow-ups, and meeting takeaways. Share them as videos in no time. Teachers make learning more personal in their blended and flipped classrooms by recording: Full and/or bite-sized lessons, assignment solutions and explanations and verbal student feedback.