For Adult Students

  • Are you looking for a new career?
  • Do you want a better-paying job?
  • Do you need a technical certification to get ahead in your current career?

    A New Jersey county vocational-technical school may be able to help.

    Here’s how:

    • Each county has a vocational-technical school district.
    • Most districts offer day and/or evening programs for adults in fields like construction trades, health care, culinary arts, cosmetology, automotive trades, welding, HVAC, water and wastewater operations, information technology, and many other career areas.
    • Most of these programs are short-term – 6-24 months.
    • Many lead to industry-recognized credentials sought by employers.
    • Others prepare students to take state licensing exams.
    • Tuition at these county-supported programs is often lower than private career schools.
    • Some programs may be eligible for tuition assistance.

    Find an Adult Program Here

    This tool helps you find NJ county vocational-technical school adult career programs near you.

    Identify the programs that interest you. Then click on the links, which will take you to the districts’ adult education web pages for more information about course availability, registration and tuition.

    Important Note: You cannot register for a program through this CareerTechNJ web site.

    You must contact the district that offers the program you are interested in yourself through the district’s adult education web site or by phone. Find an Adult Program will get you there.

    An adult woman welding student at Ocean County Vocational Technical School
    An instructor at the Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools adult culinary program shares prep techniques with a student
    An adult student in the Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools cosmetology program prepares for her licensing exam

    FAQS About Adult Programs

    The Find an Adult Program tool will help you identify available career advancement programs in your county or nearby, and provide links and contact information for further information.

    The New Jersey Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools does not operate career programs or provide career counseling services.

    If you are not sure about your career interests or goals, you can explore additional career resources on the Career Programs page.

    NJ’s 21 county vocational-technical schools offer a wide range of day and evening programs that help people advance their careers or change careers through industry certifications in fields such as cosmetology, informational technology, dental assisting, nursing and medical assistants culinary arts, HVAC, welding, plumbing, electrical trades, boiler operations and automotive technology.

    Not every county vocational-technical school district offers every program.

    Use the Find an Adult Program tool to get a list of county vocational-technical schools offering a specific type of career program. that program, with links to their adult school web sites, which will provide further information and contacts.

    Please note: Some districts also offer short-term enrichment programs (one to four sessions) in areas like photography, specialty cooking, DYI home repairs, basic computer skills and the arts.

    These programs are not included in the Find an Adult Program tool, which is designed for people looking for programs leading to employment or career advancement.

    Most career training programs require a high school diploma or equivalency credential.  Some county vocational-technical schools can help residents earn their diploma or equivalency credential along with career training.

    Adult career programs generally range from six months to two years, depending on whether they are full-time or part-time and any specific certification or licensing requirements.

    For specific information, follow the website links or contact the adult education department in the county vocational-technical school district offering your program.

    Tuition rates vary by county and program, but in most cases they are less expensive than for-profit technical schools.  You must contact each district directly for specific information.

    Because they are county-supported programs, tuition rates may be higher for, people who do not live in the county.  Follow the links to contact the district for specific information.

    In some cases, yes.  Follow the links to contact the adult education department in the county vocational-technical school district offering the program you are interested in for further information.