Here’s how to contact your Assembly representatives

uncategorized | June 18th, 2018

Please let your Assembly representatives know that employers support the bond act (Assembly Bill 3902) because:

  • It will fund expansion of key technical education programs to train young people for current and future jobs that are critical to NJ businesses and the state’s overall economy
  • It is a strategic investment in the development of New Jersey’s future workforce.

You can either e-mail your Assembly members, or call their offices and leave a message.  Please contact them by Wednesday, June 20.

This roster has links to the contact information for each member, including an email tool.

If you are unsure which Assembly members represent your home or business, you can find your legislators by municipality.

You can contact the people who represent the town in which you live in and/or the people who represent the town in which your business is located.  The Assembly members from either location will be happy to hear from you.

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