Looking for Employees?

Hudson County Schools of Technology Students from the culinary, engineering, performing arts and medical sciences programs

Are you looking for employees now?

Do you worry about your future workforce?

New Jersey’s county vocational-technical schools want to help employers by preparing students for the jobs of today – and tomorrow.

And employers can help schools, and students, respond to workforce needs.

Looking for Employees Now?

Do you want to recruit current students or recent graduates for job openings?

Want to Help Shape Your Future Workforce? Become a Business Partner

County vocational-technical school business partners play a critical role in developing career programs and keeping them aligned with current and future industry standards.

Get involved:

  • Join a program advisory board
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Mentor students
  • Hire graduates
  • Participate in students’ technical skills assessments
    • Offer Internships, apprenticeships and work-based learning
    • Host site visits in your facility
    • Train teachers in new technologies
    • Donate equipment and supplies

      Want to Help Support Career and Technical Education in New Jersey?

      Join the NJ Employer Coalition for Career and Technical Education. 

      The Coalition was created by NJCCVTS and the New Jersey Business & Industry Association to support public policies that expand training for our state’s workforce and create career pathways for high school and adult students.