2016 CTE Month Calendar

February 2nd, 2016


New Jersey Association of Counties:  January 29 – A resolution designating February as Career and Technical Education Month in New Jersey approved at NJAC’s annual re-organization meeting.

Ocean County Vocational-Technical School: January 21-23 –  OCVTS display kiosk at Center Court at the Ocean County Mall, and OCVTS instructors and students will run interactive programs – blood pressure screenings, fitness evaluations and program information – at the Ocean County Services storefront in the mall.

Ocean County Vocational-Technical School: January 30Career Discovery Day at the OCVTS Brick Center, highlighting career-related activities for people of all ages.


Bergen County Technical Schools:  February 1 – Representatives from Stryker will visit Applied Technology High School to hear a presentation on the real-world problem solution developed by the students: a housing fixture they designed for video and camera transmitters for skid-steer rovers.

Bergen County Technical Schools: February 2 – The engineering technology lab at Applied Technology High School will have an autonomous ground rover competition.

Bergen County Technical Schools: February 2Bergen Academies will host its annual career day, welcoming 60 mentors from diverse fields.

Burlington County Institute of Technology: February 5 – 12 dental occupation students from the Medford Campus will volunteer at Rowan College of Burlington County’s National Give Kids a Smile event.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 2Culinary Education Center Ceasar’s Salad demonstration and bakery display.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 3Culinary Education Center cupcake icing demonstration.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 4Culinary Education Center dining room flambe demonstration.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 5Culinary Education Center CTE celebration buffet luncheon.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 6Academy of Law and Public Safety Open House.

Ocean County Vocational-Technical School: February 4OCVTS District-wide Open House for high school and adult students.

Sussex County Technical High School: February 4Cinematography students will premier the new documentary they produced on career and technical education.


Burlington County Institute of Technology:  February 8-12Early childhood education students and fashion, design and merchandising students at the Medford Campus will celebrate FCCLA week with various activities.

Camden County Technical Schools:  February 10Open Houses at CCTS campuses in Pennsauken and Gloucester Township.

Cape May County Technical Schools:  February 11 – Advisory Board member Chef Doug Gomersall will demonstrate the art of ice carving for culinary arts, pre-engineering and commercial arts students. The demonstration will include the thematic, design, layout, 3-D modeling and sculpting aspects of these creations.

Hunterdon County Vocational School District:  February 8Congressman Leonard Lance visits the district’s new Computer Science and

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  February 8-10Career Center class competitions in all programs.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  February 12High Technology High School will host a representative from

Ocean County Vocational Schools:  February 10District-wide Open House for prospective high school and adult students. Tours, demonstrations and information sessions.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  February 11 – Two students from every school will be recognized at the Union County Board of Freeholders ceremony approving a resolution designating February as CTE Month in the County.  Agriculture education students will be preparing bouquets for the Freeholders.

Salem County Vocational School District:  February 10The 43rd annual Quality Cup of Excellence school-wide competition.


Burlington County Institute of Technology:  February 16Congressman Tom MacArthur tours the Westampton campus;

Burlington County Institute of Technology: February 17-19Cosmetology students at the Medford Campus will offer hand scrubs and paraffin dips a to staff members and will host a Valentine’s Day party for early childhood education students.

Camden County Technical Schools:  February 18 – The Camden County Board of Freeholders will adopt a resolution designating February as CTE Month in Camden County. The Freeholders will also present a grade 8 School of Character Award to one school in the County. The competition is sponsored by the Freeholders, CCTS and Camden County College.

Gloucester County Institute of Technology:  February 19Congressman Donald Norcross tours the school and visits with students.

Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools:  February 18 – The East Brunswick campus will be hosting an open house for their new manufacturing program.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  February 18 – The Academy of Law and Public Safety will host an open house.

Monmouth County Vocational School District: February 18Shared time cosmetology classes will host Friends and Family Day haircuts and/or styling.


Bergen County Technical Schools:  February 25Presentations for prospective adult and continuing education students.

Bergen County Technical Schools: February 25Aerospace engineering students at Teterboro Technical High School involved in the Panasonic Design Challenge will demonstrate the progress that they have made in designing, developing and testing a robot to perform specific tasks in a group environment.

Bergen County Technical Schools: February 25Senior portfolio management students at Teterboro Technical High School will demonstrate the real-world criteria portfolio project they are working as part of the Capital Hill Challenge Competition.

Bergen County Technical Schools: February 26Paramus Technical High School will hold a CTE Expo, a school-wide competition in each technical area.

Burlington County Institute of Technology:  February 24Dental occupations students at the Medford Campus will partner with the early childhood education center to host a learning time for pre-schoolers, teaching them about tooth brushing, health foods, and visiting a dentist’s office.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  February 24Career Center “Shop Fair” with information tables and demonstrations throughout the school for parents and students.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  February 24Communications High School will host a Career Da, organized by SkillsUSA and NTHS students, featuring communications professionals in various fields.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  February 24Technical theater students at the Academy of Performing Arts will travel to New York for a backstage tour and performance of Noises Off at the Roundabout Theater Company.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  February 25 – Vocal arts students at the Academy of Performing Arts will participate in the APA Idol competition.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  February 25UCVTS FAA Chapter members will be attending the New Jersey FFA Advocacy and Legislative Leadership Day in Trenton.


Cape May County Technical Schools: A wide variety of innovative of program and cross-curricular projects, including:
• Early childhood and pre-engineering students create a STEM-based program for the preschoolers featuring robots.
• Communications arts technology students produce short videos on CTE to air within the school and on the local Comcast channel.
• Pre-Engineering students design, test and optimize 3D printed alternative energy powered boats.
Aquatic Ecosystem sciences and foods production students work with the school’s own oyster harvest to sell fried oysters during lunch, with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund for graduating seniors.
• Cosmetology students meet with industry professionals for expanded skill development, including a razor cut workshop for senior students.
• Natural sciences technology students participate in a career workshop with advisory board member and CMCTS graduate Captain Robert Vance of the Cape May Lewes Ferry.
• 10th grade honors English students and communication arts technology students work together on a project combining theory and guided practice in poetry techniques and devices in the context of visual representations, poetic photography and digital elements.
• Students in the travel, tourism and event planning program conduct research projects integrating geography, politics and world events to assess the impact that terrorism has had or may have on the tourism industry.
• Natural Sciences students and FFA members are involved in a project concerning the incubating and caring for baby chickens concluding the study of embryology. The goal is to have the eggs hatch during FAA week. Natural sciences students will also be working with early childhood students on a science lesson plan for preschoolers that will be conducted in the on-site lab.
• Law and public safety and natural sciences students hear a presentation from Advisory Board member and NJ Conservation Officer Brian Tomlin on becoming a law enforcement officer for the NJ Division of Fish and Game (NJDEP) and practical planning to become a conservation officer.
• Creative Writing, world cultures honors, and advertising/design/commercial art students will work together to voice – in words and digital art – their opinions on current world issues.
Law and public safety students, along with freshmen, will visit the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office to see a police dog demonstration.
• Travel, tourism and event planning students, working with a number of advisory board organizations and the entertainment production, culinary arts, ad design and commercial art, foods production, agriscience & horticulture and pastry/baking students, plan and implement a presentation on best practices in event planning for the 200+ attendees at the CMCTS Advisory Council meeting.
• Pastry/baking arts work with chocolate at a higher level of pastry production to create food displays at the Advisory Council meeting.
• The entertainment production technology students create and produce the live entertainment for the social portion of Advisory Council meeting.
• Architecture, construction, art, mathematics and technology students work together to research the early Roman and Byzantine periods to produce a digitally prepared layout of mosaic tiles.

Camden County Technical Schools:  Guest speakers from business and industry will be in classrooms speaking with students about various careers and the skills needed to enter into these fields of study.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center:  Guest speakers include outstanding alumni who best represent the value of career and technical education who will share their stories with current students and raise awareness of the crucial role that CTE plays in readying our students for careers and our community and nation for economic success. The students will be formulating questions to ask our alumni and then produce a presentation that will be shown within our school, posted on the district’s web site and shared with others.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  Biotechnology High School BioBusiness students will be creating their own business. Research students will be creating displays for around the building regarding biotechnology’s application to the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  Shared time programs will hold open houses on Thursdays for parents and students who are interested in receiving more information about our programs. School counselors will be providing building tours to parents, students, and sending school counselors by appointment. Auto students will offer service checks and oil changes for Friends and Family through the month.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  High Technology High School will host guest speakers in person and via Skype from Avaya, NJ American Water Company, NJIT and Booz Allen Hamilton. Adrienne Porter Felt, a (a 2004 High Tech graduate) will be discussing her path after HTHS, her Ph.D. at UC Berkley and her current job with Google, what it’s like being a woman in STEM and her work in programming and cyber security.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) will host a series of career fair events presented by students for other students. For example, juniors will host a presentation for freshmen and sophomores, describing different careers and recommended college majors as pathways. Freshmen will be researching different STEM careers and presenting to classes. Seniors studying Spanish will research and present on different multinational corporations that require the knowledge of a second language.

Monmouth County Vocational School District:  The CLASS Academy will host representatives from the Waters & Sims At-Risk Youth Program, who will speak to students about the qualities employers look for in employees and present information regarding transition to employment. Sophomore students will visit MCVSD shared time programs in preparation for application for Fall 2016.

Ocean County Vocational-Technical Schools:  Career Fair Road Show. Career fairs, featuring 12-16 OCVTS programs at various high schools and middle schools throughout the county.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools: The Academy for Allied Health Sciences and UC Tech will provide opportunities for students to meet with healthcare professionals during the school day to ask questions and learn from their experiences. Nurses and healthcare data coordinators are among the professionals that will meet with students learning about a career in the Allied Health Sciences field of study.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  The Academy for Allied Health Sciences junior public health class created videos designed to raise student and parent awareness about the importance of adolescent vaccines for illnesses like the flu, HPV, whooping cough and meningitis and submitted them to a contest sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Health with Protect Me With 3+.

Union County Vocational-Technical Schools:  UC Tech. A variety of innovative and cross-curricular programs, including:
• Shared-time graphic arts students will be working with shared-time digital media students to conduct mock “client to designer meetings,” so students can learn to communicate with clients as designers and create retail environments with student created logos to represent the businesses.
• Systems applications students are creating group slideshows presenting their research into the career & technical concentrations offered at UCTECH.
• Students in the School of Design and the Sustainable Science Academy are working on an interdisciplinary project for the Geothermal Design Challenge.


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