From News12NJ: MCST Student Saves a Friend’s Life

April 25th, 2014

Brooke Gurnari, 17, brings fellow student back to life with CPR when he suddenly stopped breathing

Watch the video.

BLOOMINGDALE – Some Passaic County teens are being called heroes after saving the life of a fellow student who was having a seizure and couldn’t breathe.

Brooke Gurnari, 17, a student at Morris County School of Technology, says she was waiting for the bus when she noticed a boy’s face turn blue. She acted quickly, asking other students to help her administer CPR until the paramedics arrived.

Gurnari performed CPR for 10 minutes. “I flipped him over. I said, ‘I’m doing CPR,’ and I started the chest compressions and I told Peter to start doing the rescue breaths and he did come back.”

Principal Lynne Jackson says Gunari is a student of the Health Care Sciences Academy. “Her training here undoubtedly played a role- significant role- of keeping composed and calm, and taking the lead in a situation,” she says. “And we are, as a school, incredibly proud of Brooke and all of her classmates who came to the aid of their friend.”

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