From NJTV News: Assessing Students Readiness for College and Careers

January 5th, 2016

An excellent piece by NJTV’s Brianna Vanozzi about the need to provide high school students with multiple pathways that prepare them for careers as well as college.

What does it mean to be college and career ready? For starters, Rowan University professor Dr. Eric Milou says we need to reframe that entire question.

“Those two things should not be in the same sentence, because college ready does not equal career ready first of all,” he said.

Dr. Milou and other educators worry about what they call a “one-size-fits all college track” being emphasized in most high schools in and outside New Jersey.

“The mathematics you need to go into a career, vocational, carpenter, plumber — which are great careers — is completely different than the math you need to go to college. Which is completely different than the math you need to go into a STEM career in college. We have to have that discussion rather than saying college and career ready,” he said.

Watch Brianna Vanozzi’s video here.

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