NJCCVTS Blog: MCTS Student to Participate in the Paralympic Games in Sochi – Athena Borzeka, Director of Student Personnel Services and Special Education

February 13th, 2014

Walking down the hallway of the Morris County School of Technology (MCST), Staci Mannella looks like any other 17-year-old student.  However, Staci is far from ordinary.

A senior in the MCST Veterinary Science Program, Staci has achromatopsia, a congenital condition that limits her visual acuity to three feet and also causes extreme sensitivity to light.   Despite this limitation, Staci is an accomplished athlete who not only is an avid equestrian but a downhill skier set to compete in this year’s Paralympic Games in Sochi Russia as a part of the US Alpine Ski Team.

Staci not only excels on the slopes but in the classroom as well.  With dreams of becoming a veterinarian, she is one of the top students in MCST’s Veterinary Science Program.

In addition to a rigorous training and travel schedule, Staci has academically challenged herself throughout high school, carrying a full load of honors and AP courses in which she has excelled.  All her hard work and effort has earned her admission to Dartmouth College where she will enroll in the fall of 2014.

MCST is so proud of Staci for setting her sights high, working hard and demonstrating that she is a true champion!

Read the very engaging story about Staci posted on the US Paralympics web site.

Visit Staci’s website.

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