Successful Career in Manufacturing Attributed to MCVTS

February 16th, 2021

During Career and Technical Education Month in February, the New Jersey Council on County Vocational Technical Schools is highlighting successful graduates of the county’s 21 vocational technical schools.

Phil Timpson

Phil Timpson went straight to work in manufacturing after graduating in 1998 from the machine tool technology manufacturing program at Middlesex County Vocational-Technical Schools.

“The education that I received from the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical schools prepared me to follow my interests and develop a significant in-demand career,” Timpson said. “I have worked for a variety of employers, enhanced my skills and progressed my career to make a substantial living.”

For the last 17 years, Timpson has been working for DMG Mori USA Inc. as applications engineer, where he assists customers on-site with a diverse range of manufacturing applications and applies CNC and robotic manufacturing equipment to create intricate high-tech products.

Over the course of the pandemic, he has helped the military and aerospace industries ramp up manufacturing and the medical industry increase production of critical hospital equipment.

He has also been extensively involved in assisting MCVTS students in the Pre-Engineering and Manufacturing Technology program, helping them to prepare for their careers by being a guest speaker, giving demonstrations and assisting with the repair of CNC program equipment.

“I enjoy giving back and working directly with MCVTS students on real-world projects that will help them prepare for dynamic careers after graduation,” he said.

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